GBNA is an umbrella group of multiple Resident Associations in the Greater Beach area of the City of Toronto. We focus on the urban development questions that arise when the City becomes more densely populated. Read more

GBNA in 2014

Queen Street.
The unique small town character of Queen Street E. has been cherished by generations of residents in the Greater Beach and beyond. We remain strong supporters of the vision for Queen Street that is embodied in the City’s Queen St. East Urban Design Guidelines. For this reason, GBNA has challenged the development proposals for the northwest and northeast corners of Queen St and Woodbine Ave at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Regrettable, the outcome of these OMB cases has not been what the City and GBNA had hoped forl. See our 20 February 2014 newsletter.

Official Plan Amendment for Queen Street
In our ongoing effort to maintain a ‘small town’ character for Queen Street, GBNA has strongly advocated stronger legal provisions within Toronto’s Official Plan. The City has responded positively, see our February 13 newsletter!

Sustainability initiative
From our beginning, GBNA has championed community involvement in shaping the City’s Urban plans. Our  organization links resources among smaller independent local organizations so that together we can address and influence these long term land-use policies that affect our community.

In just two years, we have become recognized as a professional community organization. We endeavour to educate the community, help raise new organizations and have contributed to the adoption of new Urban Design Guidelines for Queen St. E., among other activity.

Our focus in 2014 will include the critical questions of long term sustainability and resiliency as communities, such as ours, grow. Good urban planning is not just about the next new building, but also about the adequacy of infrastructure and more. A new work-group, comprised of a great team of professionals in this field, is in place. Follow our updates in 2014!

Connecting with the grass roots: join our mailing list!
Vibrant communities enjoy a diversity of active community groups, covering interests from social to cultural, from sports to specific interests (such as GBNA) and many more.

Two exciting new activities during 2014 reflect our belief in strong ‘grass roots':
– We will seek better networking among our diverse local groups to collectively respond more fully to  our community
– We will grow our own mailing list to share the topics that GBNA champions more broadly.

Join the effort!:

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