History of GBNA

In 2012 a number of resident associations in Ward 32 covering the greater Beach area from Coxwell Avenue to Victoria Park and from Lake Ontario to the railway corridor south of Danforth Avenue came together to form The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (“GBNA”) of Toronto. A non-profit umbrella organization representing our community in matters related to the land-use planning policies that influence development in our neighbourhoods. including their administration and impact on infrastructure and services. Our member groups include:

  • Beach Triangle Residents Association
  • Kew Beach Neighbourhood Association
  • Toronto Beach East Residents Association
  • Friends of Glen Davis Ravine
  • East Toronto Neighbourhood Association (formerly Norwood Park Residents Association)
  • Beach Waterfront Community Association
  • Balmy Beach Neighbourhood Association
  • Kingston Road Village Neighbourhood Association (associate member)
  • Beach Hill Neighbourhood Association (associate member)

GBNA is built on the following principles:

  1. To strengthening Resident and Community Associations, helping new and fledging associations get under way and encourage citizens to join their local resident associations.
  2. To concentrate on Land Use Planning as the focus of the organization.
  3. To use round tables meetings of all resident and community associations to exchange views and arrive at a consensus on matters pertaining to land use planning and the leaders would in term communicate with their members.
  4. To establish working relationships with other similar associations  including FoNTRA, CORRA and the Federation of Urban Neighbourhood Associations.
  5. To exercise leadership through its board and the support of its members in addressing land use issues with the City of Toronto and its departments

GBNA’s objectives include:

  1. Working with elected and non-elected members of the City and Provincial government as well as the media to ensure that public policies are compatible with our neighbourhoods and the needs of our residents;
  2. Standing together as a group to ensure that any property development and redevelopment is in keeping with the Official Plan, Zoning By-Laws and other applicable legislation, policies or guidelines irrespective of the local association area in which an application is made;
  3. Working together to ensure genuine participation by our residents in the review of the Official Plan and in the formulation of other development policies and practices affecting our area;
  4. Working with other like organizations across Toronto and the Province to coordinate residents’ viewpoints and positions across City and Provincial levels of government.

For 2017, we will keep working with our member associations to address the various interests that are more fully outlined in the “Projects” tab above.GBNA Bylaws and Director nomination details are available here:
Nomination Policy, Nomination Guidelines, Nomination Form., GBNA Bylaws.


 GBNA Directors &
Officers (2016)
Role Member organization
Uwe Sehmrau Director and President TBERA
Neil Sinclair Director and VP BWCA
Jeffrey Levitt Director and VP BTRA
Hans Looije Director President, BTRA
Jan Hykamp Director
Martin Gladstone Secretary
Lori-Anne Bianchi Treasurer Director, TBERA
Jenn Brass Director FOGDR
Carole Wilson Director President, BBRA
Patrick Shipton Director ETNA

Click the thumbnails below for a quick “tour” of our priorities and organizational model.

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