Storm Water Management focus group

Water Management Focus group update (March 2013)

Following a community meeting held on December 3, 2012, about Water Management issues in the Beach, GBNA established a Focus Group to work with Councillor McMahon’s office and City staff to establish communication lines on two fronts:

  1. To track the proposed remediations outlined in the Ward 32 Basement Flooding Environmental Assessment, and
  2. To track compliance with water management requirements at new developments.

During the summer of 2008, a series of intense storms flooded many residents homes in the Eastern Beaches area. Two specific problem areas were identified in the Beach: Kew Beach Ave along the lakefront over to and including the lower part of Lee Ave, and Kingswood south of Bracken. As a result, the area was identified as part of “Study Area 32” for investigation to develop a plan to address future flooding and reduce the amount of stormwater entering all storm and sanitary sewer systems.

A ‘Basement Flooding Class Environmental Assessment’ (EA) study for the Eastern Beaches area was completed in Fall 2012. Materials from the EA study (including the study report itself) can be found on the City’s website at: EA study and report

Recommended infrastructure upgrades include new, larger diameter sewers as shown in these maps ( Kew Beach and Kingswood areas respectively):

Capital budget has been approved by the CIty for implementation of The Basement Flooding Protection Program – Project List for 2013-2017 (see City’s website link

The list provides all projects identified by year of implementation. For our area, the listed projects below are in ‘design’ stage and slated for implementation during 2015-2017.

Location, Project, Budgetted cost, Cost per benefitting residence
Rainsford Rd.’ Combined Sewer’ Replacements / Upgrades’ , $35,323 $1,039
Elmer Ave.’ Storm Sewer’ Replacements / Upgrades’ , $120,815 $6,041
Queen St. E’ New Sanitary Diversion Sewer’ Installation’ , $26,680 $834
Hambly Ave.’ Storm Sewer’ Replacements / Upgrades’ , $194,666 $2,949
Lake Shore Blvd. E.’ Storm Sewer’ Replacements / Upgrades’ , $1,132,380 $18,873
Woodbine Ave.’ Kewbeach Ave.’ Buller Ave.’ Kippendale Ave.’ Kenilworth Ave.’ Storm Sewer & Combined’ Sewer Replacements /’ Upgrades, & New Storm Sewer’ Installations’ , $1,633,693 $9,610
Waverley Rd. New Storm Sewers , $215,679 $6,740
Lee Ave. New Storm Sewers , $232,706 $10,118
Craven Rd.’ Rhodes Ave.’ Queen St. E.’ Storm Sewer & Combined’ Sewer Replacements /’ Upgrades, & New Storm Sewer’ Installations’ , $2,449,387 $9,568
Kerr Rd.’ Storm Sewer Replacements /’ Upgrades, & provide Standby’ power at pumping station’ , $103,596 $2,302
Eastern Ave.’ Minto St.’ Storm Sewer & Combined Sewer’ Replacements / Upgrades, & New’ Storm Sewer Installations’ , $1,171,014 $9,678
Victoria Park Ave.’ Combined Sewer’ Replacements / Upgrades’ , $497,248 $6,294
Glen Manor Dr. New Storm Sewers, $178,200 $4,816